VVSG | Vaccine Victim Support Group
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The Vaccine Victim Support Group (VVSG)

VVSG is support and campaign group for people of ALL ages and their families who are believed to be damaged by ALL vaccines. A unique group that is not anti-vaccine but one that campaigns for adequate awards to protect victims varied levels of disability.

Set Up To Support

In 1998 by Olivia Price MBE the VVSG was originally set up to help support vaccine damaged children and their families but in more recent years has expanded to include vaccine damaged adults.


With over 300 members, the group continues to campaign for a reform of the out dated Vaccine Damage Payment Act 1979, that would give vaccine damage victims, past and future, realistic financial awards to support them for life.  A life that, in many cases, is so impaired they need 24 hour care.


The Group covers damage from the traditional vaccinations including DPT, Polio, Measles and Smallpox with victims, many over 50, deemed to be over 80% damaged. Recently HPV has been added where girls have been stopped in their teenage tracks. Hep B, the occupational vaccination, whilst not on the Government’s national immunisation list it is also recommended by them, rendering those adversely affected often unable to work again.


Over the years the group has achieved some milestones. One, notably, being to garner support from MPs to set up the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaccine Damaged People resulting in lobbying ministers and a further “top up payment’ being awarded for past claimants in 2000. Subsequently the Government has amended the original Act but failed to take into account all aspects of the vaccinations today and provide award amounts necessary for a lifetime of care and support.


Priority for the Group is to bring about reform of the Act and to continue to work with MPs through the All Party Group for Vaccine Damaged People.

Reform of the Vaccine Damage Payment Act 1979

VVSG continues to campaign for “Reform of the Vaccine Damage Payment Act 1979”, that would give realistic financial awards for past and future victims of vaccine damage.


This reform would negate any need for current or future litigation against health authorities. The proposed “Reform” would make provision for:


  • All vaccines licensed/recommended by Government would be included in the Act, whether they be administered to adults or children.


  • An appropriate complete scale of assessment for disablement, with no arbitrary cut-off point. 


  • Increase the awards to a realistic financial level


  • Restructuring the existing Tribunal system – each claimant to be legally represented.


  • Payments to claimants from a fund, paid by a few pence per vaccination.

Telephone +44 (0) 121 243 7759


Vaccine Victim Support Group
27 Malcolm Grove . Rednal . Birmingham . B45 9BS.